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The bulk data:
2023 (20MB, 366k lines): http://motobayashi.net/callbook/ever/20230823/offline-callbook-ja-20230823-en.csv
2022 (21MB, 376k lines): http://motobayashi.net/callbook/ever/20220825/offline-callbook-ja-20220825-en.csv
2021 (22MB, 383k lines): http://motobayashi.net/callbook/ever/20210826/offline-callbook-ja-20210826-en.csv
2020 (22MB, 393k lines): http://motobayashi.net/callbook/ever/20200827/offline-callbook-ja-20200827-en.csv
2019 (22MB, 421k lines): http://motobayashi.net/callbook/ever/20190830/offline-callbook-ja-20190830-en.csv
2018 (24MB, 431k lines): http://motobayashi.net/callbook/ever/20180825/offline-callbook-ja-20180825-en.csv
2017 (24MB, 432k lines): http://motobayashi.net/callbook/ever/20170812/offline-callbook-ja-20170812-en.csv
2016 (24MB, 436k lines): http://motobayashi.net/callbook/ever/20160813/offline-callbook-ja-20160813-en.csv

This page provides the whole following processes on JA amateur stations.

The geographical hierarchy is as follows:
NOTE: We have two kinds of "Ku."
  1. "Tokubetsu-ku," or a "Special City"
    It exists only in Tokyo-prefecture.
    It has a 6-digit number in the range of #100101-#100123.
    The JCC award rule was changed effective Apr. 1, 2010 (QSO date).
    • After and on Apr. 1, 2010 ... EACH "Sepcial City" is counted as an independent "City," even its 6-digit number.
    • Before and on Mar. 31, 2010 ... all Special Cities were delt as #1001 concatenated.
  2. "Gyosei-ku," or a "Ward"
    It exists in twenty cabinet-order designated (big) cities — from north to south, Sapporo, Sendai, Niigata, Chiba, Saitama, Kawasaki, Yokohama, Sagamihara, Shizuoka, Hamamatsu, Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka, Sakai, Kobe, Okayama, Hiroshima, Kitakyushu, Fukuoka and Kumamoto.
    It has a 6-digit number but OUTSIDE of #100101-#100123 (e.g. #010101, #430105, ...).
    A QSL card with such a 6-digit number is eligible for the JCC with its upper 4-digit, however the full 6-digit is eligible for the other awards: AJA and WAKU.
    (e.g. A lazy operator's QSL card written as JCC#430105 is eligible as #4301 for the JCC, and as #430105 for the AJA/WAKU.
    Strictly speaking, he/she should describe it as "JCC#4301 / AJA#430105" separately.)

A special rule for Guns in Hokkaido:

NOTE: JA's Ministry doesn't disclose Licensee's "name" and "street address," due to the Personal Information Protection Law.

Special Thanks to —
  • English-written City/Gun/Town/Village Names
    Kininaru Chimei — Zenkoku Shi/Cho/Son Mei Ichiran

  • HAMLOG Numbers for Towns/Villages
    Hirosi Hamada, JG1MOU
    File "hamlog.mst" of Turbo HAMLOG for Windows

  • Latitudinal/Longitudinal Locations of Municipal Offices
    • As of 2002
      Naoshi Takeda
      Zenkoku To/Do/Fu/Ken/Shi/Cho/Son Ido/Keido Ichi Database

    • Current — differences after 2002
      The Geographical Survey Institute
      Nihon no To/Zai/Nan/Boku Tanten no Keido/Ido

  • Addresses of Successional Municipal Offices after Recent Mergings of Municipalities
    Genjina "K" no Oheya