11986Aug. 25-27MontereyTCP/IP Vendors Workshop Article
21987Mar. 16-17MontereyTCP/IP Interoperability ConferenceAdvance Program cover-page
3Dec. 1-4Crystal CityTCP/IP Interoperability Conference 
41988Sept. 26-30Santa ClaraInterop: 3rd TCP/IP Interoperability ConferenceNetwork Diagram
51989Oct. 2-6San JoseInteropNetwork Diagram
61990Oct. 8-12San JoseInterop '90: Fifth Interoperability Conference and ExhibitionPhotos
71991Oct. 7-11San JoseInteropNetwork Diagram
81992May 18-22Washington DCInteropNetwork Diagram
9Oct. 26-30San FranciscoInterop 
101993Mar. 8-12Washington DCInteropNetwork Diagram
11Aug. 23-27San FranciscoInterop 93 AugustPhotos
12Oct. 25-29ParisInterop 
(1)1986Sept. 16-18DallasNetWorldDallas Infomart, by Novell, 2,450 attendees / 87 exhibitors / 14,000ft2
(2)1987Oct. 20-22DallasNetWorld 87by H. A. Bruno Inc., 6,600 / 163 / 292,000ft2
(3)1988Sept. 27-29DallasNetWorld 8815,600 / 203 / 55,000ft2
(4)1989Feb. 28-Mar. 2BostonNetWorld 89 BostonHynes Convention Center, "NETWORLD" Logo appeared
(5)Mar. 8-15HannoverNetWorld Europe '89w/CeBIT
(6)Sept 11-14DallasNetWorld 89 Dallasrelocated to Dallas Convention Center, 20,000 / 314 / 110,000ft2
(7)1990Feb. 12-15Washington DCNetWorld 90 Boston 
(8)Mar. 21-28HannoverNetWorld Europe '90Hannover Fairgrounds
(9)Sept. 10-13DallasNetWorld 90 Dallas 
(10)1991Feb. 12-15BostonNetWorld 91 Boston 
(11)Mar. 13-20HannoverNetWorld Europe '91 
(12)Oct. 15-17DallasNetWorld 91 Dallas 
(13)1992Feb. 11-13BostonNetWorld 92 Boston 
(14)Apr. 28-30FrankfurtNetWorld 92 EuropeFrankfurter Messe
(15)Oct. 13-16DallasNetWorld 92 Dallas 
(16)1993Jan. 12-14BostonNetWorld 93 Boston 
(17)Apr. 25-27FrankfurtNetWorld 93 Europe 
(18)Aug. 31-Sept. 2DallasNetWorld 93 Dallas 
131994May 2-6Las VegasNetWorld+Interop 
14June 6-10BerlinNetWorld+Interop 
15July 25-29TokyoNetWorld+Interop94-96 Photos
16Sept. 10-14AtlantaNetWorld+Interop 
17Oct. 24-28ParisNetWorld+Interop 
181995Mar. 27-31Las VegasNetWorld+InteropNOC Photo
19May 29 - June 2FrankfurtNetWorld+Interop 
20July 17-21TokyoNetWorld+Interop94-96 Photos
21Sept. 11-15ParisNetWorld+Interop 
22Sept. 25-29AtlantaNetWorld+Interop 
231996Apr. 1-5Las VegasNetWorld+InteropAd
24June 10-14FrankfurtNetWorld+Interop 
25July 22-26TokyoNetWorld+Interop94-96 Photos
26Sept. 16-20AtlantaNetWorld+Interop 
27Oct. 7-11ParisNetWorld+Interop 
28Oct. 29 - Nov. 1LondonNetWorld+InteropNews Release
29Nov. 25-29SydneyNetWorld+Interop 
301997Apr. 7-11SingaporeNetWorld+Interop 
31May 5-9Las VegasNetWorld+InteropArticle
May 12-14FrankfurtNetWorld+Interop
32June 2-6TokyoNetWorld+InteropATM SSD
33Oct. 6-10AtlantaNetWorld+Interop 
34Oct. 20-23ParisNetWorld+Interop 
35Oct. 27-30LondonNetWorld+Interop 
36Nov. 24-28SydneyNetWorld+Interop 
371998Mar. 30 - Apr. 3SingaporeNetWorld+Interop 
38May 4-8Las VegasNetWorld+Interop 
39June 1-5TokyoNetWorld+Interop 
40Oct. 6-8LondonCOMDEX/UK Networld+Interop and EXPO COMM 
41Oct. 19-23AtlantaNetWorld+InteropPhotos
42Nov. 3-5São PauloNetWorld+Interop 
43Nov. 3-6ParisNetWorld+InteropMaterials [Link]
44Nov. 23-27SydneyNetWorld+Interop 
451999Apr. 5-9SingaporeNetWorld+Interop 
46May 10-14Las VegasNetWorld+Interop 
47May 31 - June 4TokyoNetWorld+Interop 
48July 14-16TorontoCOMDEX/Canada, NetWorld+Interop, Windows World 
49Sept. 13-17AtlantaNetWorld+Interop | Expo CommReport
50Sept. 15-17ParisNetWorld+Interop 
51 Sept. 28,
Oct. 12 and
Nov. 25-26
Tokyo Interop New Business Seminar 99
   1st .... "Multimedia Business Platform,"
   2nd .... "Enterprise Gateway Solution,"
   3rd .... "Voice over IP"
52Nov. 9-12São PauloNetWorld+Interop 
53Nov. 15-19SydneyNetWorld+Interop and COMDEX 
542000May 7-12Las VegasNetWorld+InteropReport
55June 5-9TokyoNetWorld+Interop 
56July 12-14TorontoCOMDEX/Canada 2000 and NetWorld + Interop 
57Aug. 14-18SingaporeNetWorld+Interop 
58Aug. 22-25São PauloNetWorld+Interop 
Aug. 23-26SeoulCOMDEX/Korea 2000 and NetWorld+Interop Korea 2000
[Interop Cancelled]
59Sept. 24-29AtlantaNetWorld+Interop | Linux Business Expo Atlanta | (featuring ASP Summit)Report
60Nov. 7-12ParisNetWorld+Interop 
612001Mar. 7-9SydneyCOMDEX, NetWorld+Interop 
62May 6-11Las VegasNetWorld+InteropReport
63May 15-17BrisbaneNetWorld+Interop and IT 2001 / COMDEX 
64June 4-8TokyoNetWorld+Interop 
65July 12-14TorontoComdex Canada / NetWorld+Interop 
66Aug. 28-31São PauloNetWorld+Interop 
67Sept. 5-7MelbourneNetWorld+Interop and IT 2001 / COMDEX 
68Sept. 9-14AtlantaNetWorld+InteropReport
69Sept. 18-20ParisNetWorld+Interop 
702002Mar. 4-6SydneyNetWorld+Interop 
71May 5-10Las VegasNetWorld+InteropReport
72July 1-5TokyoNetWorld+Interop | Networkers 2002 
73July 10-12TorontoCOMDEX/Canada 2002 and NetWorld + Interop 
74Aug. 20-23São PauloCOMDEX/NetWorld+Interop 
75Sept. 4-6MelbourneCOMDEX/NetWorld+Interop 
76Sept. 8-13AtlantaCOMDEX and NetWorld+InteropReport
77Nov. 6-8ParisNetWorld+Interop 
782003Feb. 20-23AthensCOMDEX Greece 2003 (featuring Interop) 
79Apr. 27 - May 2Las VegasNetWorld+InteropReport
80June 30 - July 4TokyoNetWorld+Interop"ShowNet Museum"
81Aug. 19-22São PauloCOMDEX/NetWorld+Interop 
Sept. 16-18TorontoCOMDEX Canada 2003 Featuring NetWorld+Interop
82Nov. 19-21ParisNetWorld+Interop 
2004Mar. 24-26TorontoCOMDEX Canada and NetWorld+Interop
83May 9-14Las VegasNetWorld+InteropReport
84June 28 - July 2TokyoNetWorld+InteropPhotos
85Aug. 16-19 SeoulCOMDEX Korea with NetWorld+Interop 
86Oct. 12-14SingaporeNetWorld+Interop 
87Nov. 3-5ParisNetWorld+Interop 
882005May 1-6Las VegasInteropReport
89June 6-10TokyoInteropPhotos
90Oct. 18-19ParisInterop 
91Dec. 12-16New YorkInteropPhotos
922006Apr. 18TokyoInterop Executive Summit and ReceptionNews [in Japanese]
93Apr. 30 - May 5Las VegasInteropPhotos
94June 5-9TokyoInterop | IMC (Interop Media Convergence)Photos
95June 21-23MoscowInteropPhotos
96Sept. 18-22New YorkInteropPhotos
972007May 20-25Las VegasInteropPhotos
98May 30-31MoscowInterop 
99June 11-15TokyoInterop | IMCPhotos
100Oct. 22-26New YorkInterop | Mobile Business Expo | VoiceConPhotos
101Nov. 6-8BerlinInterop 
1022008Apr. 23-24MoscowInterop 
103Apr. 27 - May 2Las VegasInterop | software2008Photos
104June 9-13TokyoInterop | IMCPhotos
105Aug. 12-14São PauloInterop 
106Sept. 15-19New YorkInterop | Mobile Business Expo | Web 2.0 ExpoPhotos
2009 Feb. 4-6MumbaiInterop
[Postponed to 2nd Half]
Apr. 23-24MoscowInterop
107May 17-22Las VegasInterop | CSI SX: Security Exchange | Enterprise Cloud SummitPhotos
108June 8-12Tokyo«Digital Communication Week»
Interop | IMC | Digital Signage Japan [DSJ] | RSA Conference Japan
109June 16 (- Sept. 16) (Virtual)Virtual Interop  
110Aug. 31 - Sept. 1TokyoInterop Conference 2009News [in Japanese]
Aug. 11-13
Sept. 2-3
São PauloInterop
111Oct. 7-9MumbaiInterop 
112Sept. 14-18
Nov. 16-20
New YorkInterop | Web 2.0 Expo | Cloud Summit 
1132010 Apr. 25-30Las VegasInteropPhotos
114May 20-(Virtual)Virtual Interop
Infrastructure 2.0: Optimizing Your Infrastructure for the New Era of Cloud Computing and Virtualization
115 June 7-11TokyoInterop | IMC | DSJ | Mobile & Wireless Tokyo Preview | Smart Grid Japan PreviewPhotos
116Sept. 28-30MumbaiInterop 
117Oct. 18-22New YorkInterop 
118Dec. 2(Virtual)InformationWeek & Interop Virtual Event
The Definitive Data Center Planning Guide for 2011 and Beyond
1192011Apr. 14(Webcast)Network Infrastructure for the Cloud Ready Data Center 
120May 8-12Las VegasInteropPhotos
121June 7-10TokyoInterop | Interweb | IMC Tokyo | Digital Signage JapanPhotos
122July 14(Virtual)Business Mobility Unleashed 
123Sept. 21-22
Oct. 26-27
TokyoInterop Special Course 2-day Intensive Workshop "IPv6 Network Construction Training" 
124Sept. 27(Webcast)Telepresence: Changing the Business LandscapeHuawei
125Sept. 28-30MumbaiInterop 
126Oct. 3-7New YorkInterop 
127Dec. 1(Virtual)The IT Management Imperative 
1282012Apr. 18(Webcast)How to Prepare Your Infrastructure for the Cloud Using Open StandardsHuawei
129 May 6-10Las VegasInteropPhotos
130June 12-15TokyoInterop | IMC Tokyo | Digital Signage Japan | Smart Device Japan | Location Business JapanPhotos
131July 19(Virtual)Interop Global Forum
Innovations in Networking, Mobility & Cloud
132Sept. 20(Webcast)The Changing Landscape of the Intelligent Branch Office NetworkHuawei
133Oct. 1-5New YorkInterop 
134Oct. 10-12MumbaiInterop 
1352013Apr. 18(Webcast)Data Centers Then and Now: What has Changed, What Have We Learned, and What's Next?Huawei
136May 6-10Las VegasInteropPhotos
May(Webcast)Desktop Virtualization - The Highs and Lows from the Field 
137June 11-14TokyoInterop | IMC Tokyo | Digital Signage Japan | Smart Device Japan | Location Business JapanPhotos
138June 20(Webcast)Video Conferencing - ROI Deep Divesabre virtual meetings
139July 25(Webcast)Simplifying DCIM with 3D Visualization, QRCode, and CMDB IntegrationManageEngine
140Sept. 30 - Oct. 4New YorkInterop | Ethernet & SDN Expo 2013 
141Nov. 20-2227-29MumbaiInterop 
142Nov. 21(Webcast)SDN Revolutionizes the Network to Deliver Business AgilityHP
1432014May 4 - 8
Mar. 30 - Apr. 4
Las VegasInterop | InformationWeek ConferencePhotos
144June 9-13TokyoInterop | IMC Tokyo | Digital Signage Japan | Location Business Japan | Apps JapanPhotos
June 9-10: Conference at AP Shinagawa
June 11-13: Exhibition at Makuhari Messe
145June 17-19LondonInterop | Internet World & The Big Data Show | IFSEC International | FIREX International | Safety & Health Expo | Facilities Show 
146July 24-25DelhiInterop 
147Sept. 4-5Nov. 26-28MumbaiInterop 
148Sept. 29 - Oct. 3New YorkInterop | Cloud Connect 
149Nov. 13(Webcast)Data Center Modernization StrategiesCloudPulse Strategies and IIS
1502015Apr. 27 - May 1Las VegasInterop | InformationWeek Conference | Cloud ConnectPhotos
151June 8-12TokyoInterop | Connected Media Tokyo | Digital Signage Japan | Location Business Japan | Apps JapanPhotos
June 8-9: Conference at Otemachi Sankei Plaza
June 10-12: Exhibition at Makuhari Messe
152June 16-18LondonInterop including Black Hat | IFSEC International | Facilities Show 
1532016May 2-6Las VegasInterop | InformationWeek Conference | Cloud ConnectPhotos
154June 8-10TokyoInterop | Connected Media Tokyo | Digital Signage Japan | Location Business Japan | Apps JapanPhotos
June 21-2223LondonInterop 
1552017May 22-26 15-19Las VegasInterop ITXPhotos
156June 7-9TokyoInterop | Connected Media Tokyo | Digital Signage Japan | Location Business Japan | Apps JapanPhotos
157Sept. 5-7ShanghaiInterop | Cloud Connect"Interop & Cloud Connect China"
158Sept. 26Tokyoshownet.conf_ 
1592018Apr. 30 - May 4Las VegasInterop ITXPhotos
160May 9-11ShanghaiInterop & Cloud Connect China 
161June 13-15TokyoInterop | Connected Media Tokyo | Digital Signage Japan | Location Business Japan | Apps JapanPhotos
Sept. 27-29ZhengzhouInterop & Cloud Connect China
[Postponed and Relocated to Nigbo]
162Nov. 13 and
Nov. 20
163Dec. 12-14NigboInterop & Cloud Connect China 
1642019Apr. 29 - May 3
May 20-23
Las VegasInteropPhotos
165June 12-14TokyoInterop | Connected Media Tokyo | Digital Signage Japan | Location Business Japan | Apps Japan | DevSecOps : What, Why and How.; AWS Summit Tokyo 2019 colocatedPhotos
166Sept. 4-6 4-5NingboInterop & Cloud Connect China 
167Oct. 18Tokyoshownet.conf_ 
2020May 4-7
Las VegasInterop
[Postponed and Relocated to Austin]
168Apr. 13-15
June 10-12
Apr. 13 - June 30
Interop Online | Connected Media Tokyo | Digital Signage Japan | Location Business Japan | Apps Japan
[Exhibition cancelled]
Original schedule:
Apr. 13-15: Exhibition
June 10-12: Conference
169Sept. 21-24
Oct. 5-8
Interop Digital 
170Nov. 10(Online)Interop Digital DevSecOps Certifications (or November DevOps Certification | DevOps Leader Certification Training) 
171Dec. 3(Online)Interop Digital Cloud & Networks Virtual Event (or December 3 Virtual Event) 
1722021June 16-18
Apr. 14 - June 25
TokyoInterop | Digital Signage Japan | Location Business Japan | Apps Japan
Phase 1 ... Apr. 14-16 Real+Online
Phase 2 ... Apr. 19-23 May 11 Online
Phase 3 ... June 16-25 Conference
173Apr. 29(Online)Interop Digital Cybersecurity's Changing Role in IT 
174June 15(Online)Interop Digital IT Automation Stragety 
175Sept. 14(Online)Interop Digital Data Management & Storage 
176Nov. 18(Online)Interop Digital The Futre of Networking 
1772022Mar. 10(Online)Interop Digital Protecting the Data-Driven Enterprise: Data Security, Governance, and Privacy in an Age of Analytics 
178May 24(Online)Interop Digital Future-Proofing IT for the Hybrid Workforce 
179June 15-17TokyoInterop | Digital Signage Japan | Apps Japan
Phase 1 ... June 15-17 Real
Phase 2 ... June 20 - July 1 Online
180July 19(Online)Interop Digital The Identity Crisis: How to Overcome Obstacles to Better Access Control 
181Sept. 2 - Dec. 23Tokyo
182Sept. 29(Online)Interop Digital Enterprise Network Evolution & Modernization 
183Dec. 1(Online)Interop Digital Cyber Resilience in Uncertain Times 
1842023June 14-16TokyoInterop | Digital Signage Japan | Apps Japan | Vision AI Expo
Real ... June 14-16
Online ... July 3-31
185Sept. 26 - 27Tokyoshownet.conf_ 
1862024June 12-14TokyoInterop | Digital Signage Japan | Apps Japan | Vision AI Expo
Real ... June 12-14
Seminar Archives ... July 3-31
2025June 11 - 13TokyoInterop 

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