J8s before HL1

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For a period of time even after the war, Korea used J8.
Fortunately enough, US-CQ — May 1948 p.54 — gives us a description of the switch-over date from J8 to HL1 as "Feb. 15, 1948."

ex-Call Call Licensee Address es-Call Source
  W2OOA/J8   Harry Seoul W6JUW, W7VY CQ Magazine Aug. 1946
  W6YAW/AK   Don Dow Jinaen, Korea   http://www.lesnouvellesdx.fr/galerie/galerie2.php?page=moreqsl&pfx=J8, dated June 26, 1947
J8 — Korea 1946-1948 (now HL)
  J8AAA   S. Guy Blencoe APO 235   1947f; as HL1AA in 1947w
  J8AAB   Ollie J. Allen "Jim" APO 234 unit 2 W4FHF 1947f; as HL1AB in 1947w;
  J8AAC   H. B. Whitehouse APO 235 Unit 2   1947f
      T. J. Speer APO 235-2   as HL1AC in 1947w
  J8AAD   D. C. Gaumer APO 7   1947f; as HL1AD in 1947w
  J8AAE   Jacques E. Van Beever APO 235 W2PEP 1947f; W5KNE
      J. R. Tomes APO 712   as HL1AE in 1947w
  J8AAF   Irving Mentcher APO 712   1947f
  J8AAG   N. K. Maxwell APO 6 unit 1   1947f; as HL1AG in 1947w
  J8AAH   W. E. Rubin APO 7   1947f; as HL1AH in 1947w
  J8AAI   Walter W. Burt APO 235 W6JXN 1947f;
  J8AAJ   C. A. Stanley APO 235 unit 2   1947f; as HL1AJ in 1947w
  J8AAK Lt. George Foote 6th Div Sig. Co., APO 6, San Francisco   QSL dated as of 1947-12-25: http://hamgallery.com/qsl/country/South_Korea/j8aak.htm
      Jack Hecht APO 6   as HL1AK in 1947w
  J8AAL   F. H. Finney Jr. APO 712;
139th AACS Sqdn, Kimpo, Korea, APO 712, San Francisco (August 1947)
QSL card in W5KNE's collection
  J8AAM   L. S. Gardner APO 235   1947f; as HL1AM in 1947w
  J8AAN Lt. Col. Emmett A. Parrish APO 59 W4LDH, KA2EP, HL1AN, KA2FC(custodian) as HL1AN in 1947w;
W5KNE, including a QSL card in his collection, dated Feb. 7, 1948
  J8AAW   James Openshaw 111th. Signal Service Company, Ko Yang Gun, Seoul Korea, APO-235 San Francisco, Calif.   as HL1AW in 1947w; http://hamgallery.com/qsl/country/South_Korea/j8aaw.htm, dated Sept. 7, 1947
  J8ACS   William. R. Plumlee APO 712 W0FAN 1947f;
  J8AFK   Hep APO 712   http://www.lesnouvellesdx.fr/galerie/galerie2.php?page=moreqsl&pfx=J8

Call Area Map

(QST Jan 1947.)

A "Portable J8" Station in Korea — W2OOA/J8

(CQ Magazine Aug. 1946.)

Other "HL1" Stations in Callbook 1947 Winter Edition

HL1AO M. W. Neill, APO 235
HL1AP P. S. Huston, APO 235
HL1AQ R. M. Morris, APO 7
HL1AR W. C. Kidd, APO 901
HL1AS N. L. Hills, APO 6
HL1AT R. L. Keenan, APO 6-2
HL1AU Kent Hunter, 54th MP Co., APO 901
HL1AV H. J. Redd, Hq. Co. 78th QM Base Depot, APO 59

HL1AX L. E. Gaskell, Hq. Co. XXIV Corps., APO 235
HL1AZ R. W. McNeely, 892nd Ord HAM Co., APO 901
HL1BA A. M. Edwards, Det. 759-1, 139th AACS Sq., APO 712
HL1BB C. R. Dunlap, 76th Sig. Sv. Bn., APO 235
HL1BC H. B. Whitehouse, Dept. of Agri. USAMGIK, APO 235-2

HL1BE E. F. Estrumse, Kimpo Air Base, APO 712

HL1MH M. R. Holt, Hq. 61st Ord. Co., APO 901; Chaplain (Major) Michael R. Holt, Pupyung-Dong (QSL 1948 by W5KNE)

HL1WH W. D. Hamlin, Dept. of Comm, USAMGIK, APO 235-2

Switching over to "HL1"

(CQ May 1948 p.54)

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